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  1. 4runningfool

    Easy Asian noodles, veggies, and chicken

    This is super easy. Buy Momofuku noodles on Amazon. Just type Momofuku and noodles are at the top. There are three flavors, my fav is scallions and soy. Ingredients Momofuku noodles or any dried Ramen. Veggies Your choice but some broccoli, snow peas, carrots, yellow bell pepper are good for...
  2. 4runningfool

    Capitol Reef Backcountry Trail (Utah)

    7/1/23 Alternate route Henry Mountains The alternative route through the Henry Mountains is impassable. A large snowdrift washed out the trail right before Bull Creek Pass.
  3. 4runningfool

    Fuel Container Options

    Always put any canned fuel in vehicle as soon as trip I'd over. Gas can go bad in three to six months. Old bad fuel will kill your engine.
  4. 4runningfool

    6 days on Sonoran Traverse

    see a equally steep downhill. Took in in 4 low to keep the speed down. The fall off the side was a long way down. We came to the next hill and a couple of UHV riders from the Quartzsite area stopped to see if we could make it. It was not as steep nor as long as the previous climb. We crossed...
  5. 4runningfool

    Good Utah/Arizona routes for off road trailer

    Does anyone have any suggestions for Utah/Arizona off road trailer friendly routes in early November? The trailer is a Boreas XT with 19 inches of clearance.
  6. 4runningfool

    Last Part of Gila Traverse

    Yes, it was. The tires tracks include ours and our rescue vehicles. We did a lot of getting out of the trucks to pick a line through the rock gardens. I just ran the creek until the trail crawled out.
  7. 4runningfool

    ***New Member Introductions***

    Hi, Kevin and Colleen from Mesa, AZ. Former avid mountain bikers and tent campers who are too beat up to ride or sleep on the ground so we bought a 4runner and an offroad trailer Been going offroad for two years - nearly weekly. The runner is pretty built up and I recently regeared to 4.88...
  8. 4runningfool

    Last Part of Gila Traverse

    Here are some. The first is one of many places along the creek that the trail just gone
  9. 4runningfool

    Last Part of Gila Traverse

    While I regularly drive the middle part of the Gila Traverse (Montana Mountain) and most of the beginning (from Box Canyon), the final stretch from Superior became impassable for 33 inch tires. We actually became stuck and needed rescue after we turned around and tried to cross a rut we had...