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  1. OTG Ben

    Trail Run: Mendocino BDT | Oct 15 - 17

    We're full at the moment, but there's almost always cancellations leading up to these events. I just sent a blast to the attendees providing an update about the re-opening of the national forests, and also asked for anyone who cannot make it to please let us know.
  2. OTG Ben

    Trail Run: Mendocino BDT | Oct 15 - 17

    I saw and thanks for posting. I'll send out an email by end of week informing the group of the good news. If I'm being completely honest, I was kind of looking forward to the closure to be an excuse to head north to the Rogue-River Siskiyou NF in Southern Oregon!! ;)
  3. OTG Ben

    Mendocino National Forest (Video) >> Hull Mountain, Anthony Peak, Boardtree campground

    Over the 4th of July weekend we headed up to the Mendocino NF to hangout at Boardtree campground for @Dylan Pankow aka Blue Beard Adventure's 4th of July Campout. Here's the footage from our time exploring camp and the various trails int he forest.
  4. OTG Ben

    Anza Borrego Discovery Trail: Diablo Canyon to Broken Shaft Gulch Question

    We didn't have any sort of issues through that section earlier this year and I don't recall anything being remotely rocky/technical through there, but these trails can change from year to year. The most technical section was through volcanic hills, and that was really just due to some oddly...
  5. OTG Ben

    Utah/Arizona in November

    We've posted the link to the GPX download page on the route page. The guide likely won't be written up for another 1-2 weeks, but the current gpx and kmz files have all of the POIs and discovery points. Enjoy and please post a trip report if you make it out there :)
  6. OTG Ben

    80 series Drawer system build.

    These look awesome and I can't wait to see them in person. I'm planning on building a complete storage system using 80 20 t slot aluminum as the frame that's going into the back of my Ram HD. Working with the t slot aluminum seems pretty straight forward, it's the woodworking that's got me a...
  7. OTG Ben

    Help us choose our next Adventure Badge designs!

    Hey folks, As we see more and more of our members purchasing Adventure Badges, we're looking to expand our inventory of designs. We'd love to hear from the community in terms of which routes/trails/places you'd love to see turned into an adventure badge. Here's the current list we're...
  8. OTG Ben

    Trail Run: Mendocino BDT | Oct 15 - 17

    We'll be watching how things progress next week. I wouldn't be surprised if many of the forests extend the forest closure beyond Sept 17.
  9. OTG Ben

    Overland Subaru-style

    That's rad! Can't wait to see this bad boy. For venturing out to places like the Mendocino NF, a soft-wheeling Subie is the perfect adventure vehicle. It may not be a Subie, but I'd love to build out one of the new RAV4 Prime's similar to what you've described.
  10. OTG Ben

    Trail Run: Mendocino BDT | Oct 15 - 17

    Join the OTG crew for a trip through the Mendocino National Forest. The plan is to begin in Upper Lake and work our way north following the Mendocino BDT route. We'll be capturing video along the way to create a new video route guide, but stoppage for filming is typically kept to a minimum...
  11. OTG Ben

    Kentucky Adventure Tour (KY, TN, VA, WV)

    Reported by @Bracesvoyager on Aug 29, 2021: Tried to drive Black Mountain Road section today (August 29, 2021). Large land slide makes it impassable. Take alternative route.
  12. OTG Ben

    ***New Member Introductions***

    @Dirt Ferguson You can't just tease us with a written description of what sounds like an awesome build. ;) Photos???
  13. OTG Ben

    Overland Subaru-style

    @spiritual.potatoes That's pretty much how it these days. I'm likely going to try and get all of my alpine trips out of the way by July or after mid-October. July - Sept is just to rife with fire these days-- a real bummer! You might also want to check out the Wild Rivers Trail and...
  14. OTG Ben

    Waiting on new rig to be delivered... what will it be? ;)

    Waiting on new rig to be delivered... what will it be? ;)
  15. OTG Ben

    Overland Subaru-style

    I love seeing Subies out on the trail!! I've yet to see someone behind the wheel that's having a bad day on the trail! The Backcountry Discovery Trails down in Northern California are another nice option. Basically, you can do any of those save the El Dorado BDT and for Plumas you'd just need...
  16. OTG Ben

    Badges/Decals coming soon!

    Dare I tell you that we got our new designer to create a new Lost Coast Badge :P it's pretty rad! If you'd like the new design @CAchief shoot me a DM with your info and I'll send you one :)
  17. OTG Ben

    ***New Member Introductions***

    glad you found us! And good to see that a divided house can still get along (Toyota vs Jeep)!!
  18. OTG Ben

    Smith River NRA / Steelhead Adventure Trail (partial run)

    Finally got day 3 posted! Edited and added to the original post :)
  19. OTG Ben

    El Dorado BDT Expedition - Aug 2021

    You didn't by chance do the write up on Hungalelti Ridge on OB, did you? Not sure a doublecab Tacoma would make it down through the western half of Pardoe's! Barely got my LX570 through in a few places, mostly due to wheelbase!
  20. OTG Ben

    2009 Lexus LX570 -- Overland Ready

    Hey folks, It it with a heavy heart that I am selling my 09 "Lexus Land Crusier". Why you ask? Well, I'm moving to a full size truck with a lightweight AT Overlander Camper. More to come on that build once I pick it up in Idaho in a few months :) Vehicle Info 2009 Lexus LX570 120k Miles...