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    Gold Butte national monument

    A beautiful place although all the decent campsites near the Whitney Pockets are loaded with campers but the area of Little Finland was completely uninhabited. This is an interesting place to just cruise around in an Adventure Van (whatever that is). The long road out to St George was very easy...
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    San Rafael Swell May 2021

    I have been going to the “ Swell” for 40 years but always came in from Castle Dale or Buckhorn rd off Hwy 70. And always to the Wedge overlook, ( which looked like a ghettowhen we went up there this time)where we would camp for a few days and leave the area. Thanks to OTG trails guide I got to...
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    Shafer Trail Moab

    Pretty easy trail and very scenic. Best part was no Quads.
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    My Sprinter

    Had it for three years. 32,000 mi. Still trying to push it’s Offroad capabilities. Just back from the San Rafael Swell where I did some of the trails on this app.