6 days on Sonoran Traverse

see a equally steep downhill. Took in in 4 low to keep the speed down. The fall off the side was a long way down.
We came to the next hill and a couple of UHV riders from the Quartzsite area stopped to see if we could make it. It was not as steep nor as long as the previous climb.

We crossed the highway into the Kofa trail section. The first part of the trail has countless small washes that require slowing down. Eventually we turned into Kofa itself. The first part of the trail is a wide dirt road, with a 25 mph speed limit (if I remember correctly). Then we got onto a rougher trail. A full on moderate rating (I would have given parts a five). The scenery is stunningly beautiful. Kofa was my favorite part because it is that beautiful.

We spent a night at the first site on the overland trails map. I cannot stress how beautiful Kofa is. Since the trail to that point was rough pulling the trailer, I stopped one of the two vehicles passing by about the trail conditions ahead. He said it was about the same that I had gone through but he thought the descent into Jasper Springs would be too much. It wasn’t.

As an aside I had discovered that the 7 pin trailer plug had been yanked out my the terrain and damaged. I zip tied it in place, but the electric trailer brake were spotty.

We made to Kofa Cabin where I realized I should had filled up the jerry can in Blythe. I stopped a UHV rider who told me where there was a gas station nearby. At the gas station I discovered I had bent a trailer wheel, so I pounded is straighter, got the trailer brakes and lights back together again, and headed home.

I intend to do the last third of the Traverse soon.

If you enjoy the desert as I do, the trail was pretty darned good.

The best memories of the trip was the Kofa campsite and driving Kofa.