Planning a Tahoe BDT trip


Trail Grom
Oct 13, 2021
I haven't done much overloading yet, but planning on doing parts of the Tahoe BDT described on the site. Planning on an August trek and, by that time, I expect that snow shouldn't be an issue despite the record snowfall this past winter. I'll be driving my '21 F150 which is mostly stock with a 2" lift but OEM tires (Hankook Dynapro AT2 tires and although AT stands for All-terrain, the tread basically has an all- weather tire).

Since the description says 4x4 Sprinters would be able to do it I figure my truck should be fine.

I'm wondering about 2 things though:

1) My vehicle is pretty wide. I've got an FWC ProjectM and I like to strap stuff to the side for storage (Jerry cans for water, etc.). Are there narrow sections of the trail on the BDT that may not work for me?

2) Although it's not part of BDT, I was thinking of taking the forest roads from French Meadow Reservoir through Crystal Basin down to 50 at the end of the trip. These roads are listed in the El Dorado BDT, but I don't see much of description of there. Any comments on what they're like?