Simple. Fast. But Simple.


Trail Grom
Aug 20, 2022
Chicken/Noodle/Vegetable Soup

When I think about "camp recipes" to post I tend to think about somewhat fancy, elegant, generally time consuming, ideas. They don't have to be any of those--it's just that most people don't bother posting the Simple, Fast, Simple stuff. Here's a place for those ideas. I'll start with a Simple Fast Soup that I sometimes make when I get there late and just want to eat something. Heck, I sometimes make it at home for the same reason!

Ingredients: Ramen Noodles, can of chicken (drained or not), can of mixed vegetables (drained).

Instructions: Make Ramen per directions, add can of chicken while it's cooking. Just before removing from heat add drained can of mixed veggies. Mix it all together.

I don't like canned mixed veggies but found several cans in my pantry and came up with this use for them. It's not bad. To reduce salt content use a can of reduced sodium chix broth instead of water and the Ramen flavor pack.

I keep the fixin's in my rig so I can have a quick mean whenever I need one. Not when it's 100 degrees out, maybe . . .

Simple. Fast. But Simple. Feeds one or two or more (with other stuff included).