Death Valley - Easy Route


Trail Grom
Dec 11, 2021
I'm planning to do the Death Valley Adventure Route (Easy Version) in November. I'm hoping by then the roads that are currently closed due to the storm will be clear.

I'd appreciate some feedback on if I have enough time to do some sightseeing between each camp site. Even graded dirt roads can be slow going so it's hard to judge how long it will take to travel 100 miles.

Right now I have a lot going on for Day 1, but not much for Day 2 but I don't see a good way to break that up in between campsites (and not knowing where a good place is in between for dispersed camping)

Day 0 - Friday November 18th - 8am
  • 5-6 hour drive from Fresno to Dumont Dunes
  • Camp at Dumont Dunes -
Day 1 - Saturday November 19th -
  • Dumont Dunes
  • Badwater Basin (DP2) before reaching Furnace Creek. While traversing the wide dirt road,
  • Artist's Pallete (DP3).
  • Fill up at Beatty
  • Rhyolite DP6) and the eccentric artwork of the Goldwell Open Air Museum (DP7)., Titus Canyon (DP9) is one of the oft mentioned highlights for people visiting Death Valley.
  • Camp at Mesquite Spring Camp site - 42 miles from Beatty - first come first serve
Day 2 - Sunday November 20th 2022
  • Ubehebe Crater (DP10). At less than 10,000 years old, one cannot help but wonder what sort of effect the massive asteroid that created the crater had on the local inhabitants at the time!
  • Eureka Dunes (DP11) will begin to appear in the horizon. Standing at just under 700 feet tall, these are some of the tallest dunes in North America. Please respect NPS rules, as driving on the dunes is not permitted. .
  • Camp at Saline Valley Campground
Day 3 - Monday November 21st, 2022 (100 miles from Saline Valley to Lone Pine Gas)
  • 4wd trip to Racetrack Playa (optional)
  • Out and back to Joshua Tree Forest
  • 395 West/North up to Alabama Hills
  • Camp at Tuttle Creek Campground
Day 4 - Tuesday, November 22nd, 2022
  • Head back home