Gold Butte national monument

A beautiful place although all the decent campsites near the Whitney Pockets are loaded with campers but the area of Little Finland was completely uninhabited. This is an interesting place to just cruise around in an Adventure Van (whatever that is). The long road out to St George was very easy. We did not go over Black Mtn although next time I will. FACC10FB-89A5-4DF5-95AF-9750556ED279.jpeg4B2FAD5F-B910-47DC-9E39-6556DB73C56F.jpeg24660430-E65A-40E6-9C1B-0F79B6FDFA4D.jpegD04836A7-3F42-4F7E-BEE6-112322B7AC68.jpegFCB50693-ADCD-4F49-A82D-E2BFAE41FDF5.jpeg15974F2B-BA64-40A0-B3D3-CD3A303BC110.jpegA452CDDB-D677-4E64-8A91-940803584417.jpeg