*** How do I load gpx files & use offline maps in Gaia GPS or OnX maps ***


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Apr 24, 2021
Overland Trail Guides is a content creation company. We create and curate multi-day to multi-week adventures through the backcountry with varying degrees of remoteness and technical difficulty. By purchasing a subscription, you gain access to the digital mapping files (GPX and KMZ files) that can be used to navigate the route and points of interest along the way.

GPX & KMZ Files Quick Overview
Digital mapping files like GPX and KMZ are files that simply contain geolocation data. You'll need to import the downloaded gpx/kmz file into a mapping application like Gaia GPS or OnX Off Road in order to view the route on a map (you can't simply open it an expect a map to appear-- similar to how you need Excel installed on your computer to view an excel file). If you use a text editor (like Notepad) to open a gpx file, you'll see the file contains a long list of latitude and longitude references. Many of our members use Gaia GPS or OnX Offroad loaded onto their smart phone or table for navigation, while others use dedicated devices like the Garmin Overlander tablet. All of our digital mapping files are compatible with these products and any other product that supports GPX or KMZ files.

Loading and Navigating with Digital Mapping Files
The first thing you'll need to do is download the relevant digital mapping file to your smartphone, tablet, or Garmin Overlander Unit. We've provided some helpful links to get you started for each platform.

Gaia GPS & OnX Tutorials
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