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Apr 24, 2021
If you're interested in leading/hosting an OTG Trail Run or BaseCamp style event then you'll want to check out OTG's Trail Boss Best Practices. We'll be ordering custom swag for OTG Trail Bosses who lead/host multiple events. We welcome veterans who have hosted numerous overlanding and camping style events, as well as folks who've never hosted an event. If you'd like to collaborate with a fellow OTG member, we can help make that happen as well!

Benefits of the OTG Trail Boss Program
First and foremost, you'll get the opportunity to help grow our awesome community and meet awesome people from all walks of life! Hopefully you'll get to explore some cool new places along the way as well. Trail Bosses who lead/host multiple events will also have the opportunity to take home custom OTG swag specifically for our Trail Bosses. We'll likely be able to offer discounts for paid OTG events as well.

Being a Trail Boss is a fantastic opportunity to meet new friends while improving your leadership, organizational, and problem solving skills. After leading a few of these events, you'll be amazed at some of the new skills that you'll pick up.

Types of Events
There are generally two types of events that you'll find on OTG's event calendar.

Trail Run Events
The first is a Trail Run event. A Trail Run can be a single day event out on the trail, or a multi-day event traversing a designated route (doesn't have to be an OTG route) or a particular area/region. Generally speaking, we recommend capping the group size to 12 or less. Large groups can become unwieldy on the trail, and other trail users may not be happy with dealing with such a large caravan of folks.

BaseCamp Event
The second type of event is a BaseCamp event. A BaseCamp event is a camping event, and if it runs multiple nights, the camp is at the same location throughout the event. BaseCamp events are a fantastic and typically low stress way to bring larger groups together. For BaseCamp events we typically recommend trying to offer a variety of activities throughout the day. This may include options to go hiking, swimming, exploring the surrounding trails in your vehicle (if there are any nearby), playing games (cornhole, frisbee golf, etc), and more.

Next Steps

  1. Read the Trail Boss Best Practices for Hosting an Event
  2. Looking for folks to collaborate with? Read this post.
  3. Read the guide on creating an OTG Trail Run or BaseCamp event
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